3D Environment Thing

Enter a whole new world with 3D Environment Thing!

Here's How It Works

  • step 1

    1-2 business days after making your purchase, you'll receive a questionnaire from our team and a place to upload your concepts or story.

  • step 2

    We’ll get to work creating a 3D environment.

  • step 3

    Within 30 days of your order, you’ll receive all the content with an opportunity for one round of change requests.

3D Environment Thing

$ 1,999 

  • One 3D Environment in a Staged or Set Style
  • 1 3D File (Maya or Cinema 4D)
  • One change request
  • Delivery in less than 30 days
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3D Environment Thing

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$ 1,999 

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- Reduced lead times
- Up to 3 requests at a time
- Unlimited change requests